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Thank you for your interest in Epicurean Cigars! Hopefully, you have had the opportunity to enjoy one my 3 blends: AG, Gonzo and Azul. I have taken special care to ensure each of my cigar blends have a distinct and unforgettable flavor complexity that will leave a lasting impression.   During the blending process I was able to procure small batch aged tobaccos that could not be used for mass production.   Having acquired these special premium tobaccos have allowed me to create what I believe to be a masterpiece of flavors while making a true vintage cigar.   I am delighted by the reception I have received directly as well as the excellent reviews.   I will be releasing more new blends this year, with the Santeria just delivered this week to warehouse.   Look for more info on this amazing limited edition blend as the official launch will be any day now! 
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Posted 06/05/2014 11:38:42 AM

Carnavale the latest blend by Steven Ysidron. A marriage of age Tabacos from three different countries. Hand picked estate Tabacos that will infect to your soul with pleasure. Carnavale is a celebration of the world that can make any occasion a party. Ready to smoke now or to be aged for five plus years. 500 boxes for size per year. This like all of the Epicurean vintage Tabacos are a limited production. From our hands...